About us

General Info

Tiger Lily Boutique is a locally, family owned boutique located in McMinnville, TN. We specialize in women's clothing, accessories, and gifts! We are a mom and 2 sisters that love bringing you super trendy and also causal clothing. We like to carry brands that you don't see everywhere and styles that will make you feel comfortable and unique. 
In 2014 we were voted Best of the Best Florist, 2015 Best of the Best Gift Shop, 2017 Best of the Best Boutique and 2020 Best of the Best in Women's Wear. 
Our customers make us smile and we love making them smile by providing excellent customer service and the latest in trendy fashions. We started selling boutique clothing in 2015 and we fell in love with it! We get new arrivals in weekly. 
We’re located in the middle of McMinnville at 1007 Smithville Hwy. We also have a website and free app you can download (it makes shopping super easy) :)



Hey! I'm Katelyn and I am one of the sisters who owns Tiger Lily! I'm married and I have 2 precious little boys! I love to read, learn about the boutique world, study my bible, be outside, and of course shop! I love to be at the store to catch up with my family and customers/friends. They always make me happy! I do a lot of work for our website and managing our store. My sister KATHRYN is the fashion guru. She is the right brain and I am the left brain haha :) We make a great team!





I’m Kari, Mama, Lovie, KB, Mrs. B, Mrs. Burnett, the coach’s wife...and others 😉but my favorite is Mama. My life is pretty busy...my “real” job is a school counselor at WCHS. After school I usually will stop by the store to see if the girls need help with anything(it’s really to see their sweet faces) and then it’s typically off to a ballgame somewhere...love, love, love me some WC Pioneers! ❤️💙 On my way to school each day I pray that I will be a positive influence on someone each day...that I will be an encouragement to others and that I will recognize that in others. My priorities are God, others, then self...in those tough times let’s remember to love others through them. Come and shop with us at TLB...you don’t know how much of an encouragement you will be to us! 💕